Persuasive Essay Topics 100

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The Persuasive Essay Defined

The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince readers.

When writing the essay, you’ll first need to state your own opinion, then develop evidence to support that opinion.

These reasons and examples (evidence) should convince readers to believe your argument.

I know this quick definition gives you the basics, but you should know more about persuasive writing before you attempt to write your own essay.

It may seem tempting to skip past the additional information and go directly to the list of persuasive essay topics. But don’t do it.

Take the time now to read more about persuasive writing. (It’s all about persuasion. Are you clicking the links below yet?)

I’ll trust that I’ve persuaded you to read all three of the above articles. And now that you know how to write a persuasive essay, here are 40 persuasive essay topics to help you get started.

40 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

1. Does Facebook (or other forms of social media) create isolation?

Facebook lets people stay connected and meet new friends, yet some argue people spend so much time on social media that they lose contact with real life and may even become addicted.

2. Should guns be permitted on college campuses?

With recent school massacres permeating the news, people feel as though they should be able to protect themselves by carrying guns in all public spaces. Others, however, feel as though allowing guns on campuses will only increase crime and the death toll.

3. Do kids benefit if everyone on the team receives a trophy?

If everyone on the team receives a trophy (even for participation), kids may feel like part of the team and feel as though their efforts matter. Others believe handing out trophies to all kids on the team simply makes them feel entitled.

4. Is society too dependent on technology?

Technology creates great opportunities, yet some feel people can no longer function without a smartphone by their sides at all times.

5. Should all high school students be required to complete parenting classes?

Parents often believe sexuality, family planning, and parenting should be taught at home. But many don’t believe parents sufficiently educate their children about these topics and feel the school should provide teens with training for adulthood and require parenting classes.

6. Does the school day start too early?

While some simply say kids should go to bed earlier in order to be alert during the school day, others argue teens require more sleep and need to sleep later to function properly.

7. Should the minimum wage be increased?

Many business owners argue that raising the minimum wage would only cause hardship and cause them to raise their prices. But many workers argue raising the minimum wage is necessary to help low-income workers dig out of poverty.

8. Should elementary schools teach handwriting?

If no one knows how to write or read cursive handwriting, the form of communication will be lost, some believe. Others, however, believe handwriting is antiquated, and kids would be better served learning keyboarding.

9. Should childhood vaccinations be mandatory?

Though vaccinations can prevent a number of childhood illnesses, some believe mandatory vaccination violates individual rights and can actually do more harm than good.

10. Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?

Security cameras are in place to protect both businesses and the general public. But some argue cameras have gone too far and actually invade privacy because people are constantly under surveillance.

11. Should citizens be allowed to keep exotic pets?

People feel they should be allowed to keep exotic pets as they are capable of caring for the animals. They feel it is their right to keep such pets. However, others feel keeping such pets creates a danger to other people and is harmful to the animals.

12. Should a relaxed dress code be allowed in the workplace?

Some argue that a more relaxed dress code has created more relaxed and less productive workers. Others argue the more relaxed dress code creates a more casual, friendly, and creative workplace.

13. Is it ethical to sentence juveniles as adults?

The old cliche is, “If you do the crime, you should do the time.” But many believe it isn’t ethical to charge a juvenile as an adult as a child’s brain isn’t yet fully developed.

14. Should corporations be allowed to advertise in schools?

Some think schools should embrace corporate advertising as budgets are very limited. But others believe kids shouldn’t be bombarded with corporate persuasion. Instead, they think kids should focus on learning.

15. Should public transportation be free for all residents of a city?

While some say free public transportation would help the environment and reduce traffic, others think free public transportation is too expensive. They argue that the government can’t afford to pay for it.

16. Is professional football too dangerous for players?

Because of recent discoveries about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), many believe football is too dangerous and that rules need to change. Those on the other side of the argument believe football players know the risks and thus should be allowed to play.

17. Should minors be allowed to get tattoos (if they have parental permission)?

Some feel parents should be allowed to give permission for their minor children to get tattoos as they are making the decision for their own children. On the other hand, because tattoos are essentially permanent, some feel only adults should be able to get tattoos.

18. Should fracking be banned?

Some people argue fracking is an effective way to extract natural gas, but others argue it is too dangerous and is harmful to the environment.

19. Should a college education be free for everyone?

Some people believe education is a right and will make society, on the whole, a better place for everyone. But others feel there is no true way to offer a free college education as colleges would still need to be funded (likely through tax dollars).

20. Should the US assist developing countries with immunization efforts?

Immunizations have been critical to eradicating diseases such as polio and measles in the United States, so some argue that it’s important to distribute immunizations to developing countries where people are still dying from these types of diseases. Others may argue that this type of effort would be too costly or ineffective.

21. Does corporal punishment help children?

If you’ve ever been spanked by your parents, I’m sure you weren’t in favor of corporal punishment. But does it actually help discipline children, or does it promote violence?

22. Does the welfare system need to be revised?

There are many people who clearly need the additional assistance welfare services provide. There are others, however, who take advantage of the system. Because of this, many feel the program should be revised to create alternate or stricter requirements.

23. Is learning a skilled trade more valuable than earning a college degree?

Many companies state they have numerous job openings but cannot find skilled employees. Given the current economy, some feel that it may be more advantageous for people to learn a trade.

24. Should cigarettes be illegal?

Given the trend of legalizing marijuana, it seems that it would be impossible to ban cigarettes, but some believe that cigarettes should be illegal because of the health risks they pose.

25. Should organ donors be financially compensated?

While some feel that people should donate their organs on a strictly volunteer basis, others argue that donations would increase if people were financially compensated.

26. Do laws promote racial discrimination?

Justice is supposed to be blind, though many argue that laws are designed to discriminate against minorities.

27. Do dual-parent households benefit children more than single-parent households?

A dual-parent household may have an advantage of a higher household income and the benefit of one parent who may able to spend more time with children. But many argue that a high income alone doesn’t make a happy home and that quality time spent with children is far more important than simply being present.

28. Is it acceptable for parents to lie to their children?

Most people would probably agree that the small lies parents tell their children in order to protect them or motivate them are harmless (and perhaps even helpful). But others feel that, if parents lie, they are only teaching their children to lie.

29. Are teens unfairly stereotyped?

Teens are often stereotyped as lazy and entitled. Specific groups of teens, such as skaters, are often seen as criminals and addicts. Are these classifications true, or are they unfair stereotypes?

30. Is reality television actually real?

Reality TV is supposed to follow the lives of real people. But are the shows scripted or staged to create more drama?

31. Does illegal immigration harm the U.S. economy?

While some feel that even illegal immigrants contribute to the economy through spending their wages in local economies, others feel that they don’t pay their fair share of taxes, which harms the economy.

32. Should high schools distribute birth control?

Though some claim that the distribution of birth control encourages sexual behavior, others claim that it actually protects teens who are already sexually active.

33. Does elective cosmetic surgery harm self-esteem?

Elective cosmetic surgery can make people feel confident and happier with their personal appearances, but for some people, such surgeries do not address underlying psychological issues. Thus, the surgeries leave people unhappy and striving for unattainable perfection.

34. Should people who teach in low-income areas be allowed to have their student loans forgiven?

Teachers who work in low-income areas are often eligible to have their student loans forgiven after a number of years of service. However, some argue that this practice should not continue. They argue that everyone should be eligible for loan forgiveness and that it shouldn’t only be select professions that are eligible.

35. Should classic literature be taught in high school or college?

Many argue that the classics are important to our history and that they are works of art. Others feel the writings are outdated and generally irrelevant to modern society.

36. Should colleges and universities do more to help incoming freshman transition to college life?

Though most colleges offer orientation programs, many students feel that the college itself does not do enough to prepare them for the realities of college life.

37. Has the No Child Left Behind Act helped students?

The No Child Left Behind Act was designed to help all students succeed, but many people believe that it has been an unsuccessful program.

38. Should team names deemed to be offensive be banned?

Some feel that team names such as “Redskins” or “Chiefs” are racially insensitive and are racial slurs. However, others argue that these names are steeped in tradition and should not be banned.

39. Should fast-food restaurants be blamed for obesity among Americans?

Most people already know that many fast-food meals are high in calories and are often not as healthy as other options. Thus, these restaurants are to blame for increased obesity rates. Others argue that it’s the individual’s responsibility to consume these foods in moderation and that society cannot blame fast-food restaurants for obesity rates.

40. Do modern gender roles harm women?

Though women are generally no longer expected to be stay-at-home moms, many argue that gender roles today continue to harm women. Some argue that media continues to sexualize women and thus perpetuates the classic gender roles of males being dominant over females.

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Persuasive Essay Topics

After reading this list, I’m sure at least a few topics appeal to you. But how do you know which one of these great ideas to choose for your own paper?  Here are a few tips.

Do choose a topic that:

  • You care about. It’s easier to write about something that interests you.
  • Other people care about too. Why would you write about a topic that no one cares about?
  • You are willing to examine from multiple viewpoints. Looking at both sides of the issue shows that you’re educated about your topic.
  • You can research effectively in the allotted time. If  you can’t find enough evidence to support your viewpoint, you might need to switch topics.

Don’t choose a topic that:

  • You don’t care about. If you don’t care about the topic, it will be difficult to persuade others.
  • You are extremely passionate about. While passion is important, if you’re so passionate about the topic that you aren’t willing to learn new information or see additional viewpoints, it will be difficult to write an effective paper.
  • Can’t be researched effectively. In other words, don’t try to research a topic like the meaning of the universe or why people usually wear matching socks.

In Summary

In this blog post, you’ve learned how to write a persuasive essay, examined a variety of persuasive essay topics, and learned the dos and don’ts of selecting and narrowing a topic.

So what are you waiting for? Start researching, and start writing!

What? None of these topics are working for you? Try this list of 15 topics or these additional 15 topics.

Need a few pointers to get started with research? Check out 5 Best Resources to Help With Writing a Research Paper and How to Write a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Looking for even more help? I recommend reading this study guide about persuasive and argumentative essays.

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Best 100 Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay writing is important college and university writing assignment. Many students tend to encounter the writing issues due to the lack of proper understanding. The persuasive essay has a set of strict rules that must be followed in order to receive good grading from your course professor. The persuasive essay is also called the argument essay. Basically, these two types of writing are the same. It must utilize the logic and the proper reasoning. As we have mentioned earlier, these skills are obtained with the continuous paper writing practice. The more the student invests his time and effort into this practice, the better results he will receive. Also, we present the most popular persuasive assignment topics.

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Best 100 Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should pregnant women go through mandatory AIDS testing?
  2. Should air pollution problems be more revealed to the public?
  3. Should abortions be prohibited by the law?
  4. What are the consequences of alcohol abuse?
  5. Should anorexia be treated as soon as diagnosed?
  6. Should college athletes get salaries?
  7. Should couples consider all pros and cons of adoption?
  8. Should the scientists be allowed to test products on animals?
  9. What are the major consequences of bad ecology?
  10. Are the Beauty Pageants too exploitive on women?
  11. Should cities invest more into Bike Sharing City Programs?
  12. Should Girls and Boys attend school separately?
  13. Should Bulimia considered to be a dangerous life-threatening disease?
  14. Should Cosmetic Surgery cost less?
  15. What are the latest climate changes and their consequences?
  16. Should child abuse be prohibited by the law?
  17. Should improper child behavior receive more attention from the modern society?
  18. What is the price students have to pay for competitive side of college admission?
  19. How should the problem of Defrosting be fought?
  20. What are the Effects of Divorce on children?
  21. Should Drinking and Driving be punished severely?
  22. Does the government has to pay more attention to the problems of Domestic Violence?
  23. What are the major consequences of Drug Abuse?
  24. Should Economy Problems get more attention in media?
  25. Should Economy Issues be considered vital to solving?
  26. Does every American must learn to speak good English?
  27. Should college athletes suffer from high expectations?
  28. What are the pros and cons of Euthanasia?
  29. Is fashion important to people?
  30. What is the positive impact on the modern society?
  31. Should kids’ field trips be done more often? What importance do they carry?
  32. Should Fitness Activity be mandatory?
  33. Should school students receive free condoms?
  34. Should fur be prohibited from wearing?
  35. Should obese people pay attention to the fitness activity?
  36. Should girls’ cruelty be considered as same sex hatred issue?
  37. Should gambling be considered a disease?
  38. What are the consequences of the Green House Effect?
  39. Should gay rights be more protected?
  40. What are the outcomes from the genetically modified food?
  41. What are the major genetic issues the modern society should deal with?
  42. Should customers buy Energy Star labeled products only?
  43. What are the outcomes of the Energy Crisis?
  44. Should negative hip-hop lyrics be considered dangerous?
  45. Is home birth a better option?
  46. Does Human Cloning have major consequences?
  47. Should the government reinforce the Immigration Laws?
  48. Should people learn more about the consequences of eating Junky Food?
  49. What the impact of Healthy Food eating on person’s health?
  50. Should the society ban Kissing in Public?
  51. What problems the Larger People have to face?
  52. How should the information from Law Enforcement Cameras be used?
  53. What are the major difference between Managers and Leaders?
  54. Should the medical Marijuana use be become legal?
  55. Should Military be allowed to recruit from public schools?
  56. Should blood donation become mandatory by the public?
  57. Should Milk drinking be more advertised?
  58. Should the Moon get closer examination from NASA?
  59. Should people move to live on a Moon?
  60. Should modern society react more fiercely to violent music lyrics?
  61. What are the negative effects of Media Violence?
  62. Should all moms attend classes on how to raise their children?
  63. What does the public know about Nuclear Proliferation?
  64. Should people listen more to Operas?
  65. Should older people be prohibited from driving?
  66. Should older people use public transportation for free?
  67. What are the negative impacts on personal lives from the Paparazzi reports?
  68. Should Puerto Rico become a separate state?
  69. How the public transportation can be improved?
  70. Should psychic abilities get more scientific research?
  71. Does paternity leave receive proper funding?
  72. Should young parents attend Parenting Classes mandatory?
  73. What are the positive impacts of Quality Family Time?
  74. Should the Recycling get more financial support?
  75. Should we believe in Reincarnation?
  76. Can religion cause a war today?
  77. Should public education receive more private funding support?
  78. What is the importance of SATs?
  79. What message does the youth receive about Sexuality today?
  80. Should Single Parenting be considered a problem?
  81. Should smokers pay additional health tax?
  82. Are modern people are getting not enough of sleep?
  83. Should government spend less on Space Programs?
  84. What are the side effects of extensive Television Propaganda?
  85. Is the youth dependent on the use of technology? Should it be reduced?
  86. Is time travel possible?
  87. Should government pay more attention to Terrorism?
  88. Should sport programs receive more public funding?
  89. Should teachers take certification every 5 or 10 years?
  90. Should there be a trash limits in households?
  91. Should the state colleges be free?
  92. Should school get more funding for the technology use?
  93. Should there be private prisons with extra convenience?
  94. Should female and male construction workers get equal pay?
  95. Should women fight more for their rights?
  96. Should voting age be lowered to 13?
  97. Should people get Wi-Fi access everywhere?
  98. What is the negative impact from excessive X-ray?
  99. Should violent video games be prohibited from sale?
  100. Should Zero be considered a new beginning?

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