Money Is More Important Than Love Essays

  • Love doesn't bring food to the table

    If you enter a relationship, you must have money to take that person on a date and buy them gifts.

    Love is great however when times of desperation such as having a home, living expenses or food, you need money to support all that. What good is love if I can't take my loved one anywhere or spend on something nice. The only time love exceeds money is with family, that kind of love is built on trust with a special connection.

    I laugh at people who are romantically together and claim that love is more important. You need money to eat, buy a home, send your kids to school and have a retirement when you're frail and old. Also when you are poor with a family you struggle to make ends meet. It is no wonder parents divorce when one can't have the money to support.

    Furthermore, females always look for a mate who will provide for their children. Meaning if they have enough money to support their kids to have a good education and quality lifestyle.

  • Not even close

    Money can open up the world to you and give you anything you can realistically dream up..Including plenty of virgins that will more than likely fall in LOVE with you, it's a deep rooted thing in women. So in reality money can buy what is essentially real love. Money > all except God.

  • Love may be essential but its not more important than money.

    Money can buy love but the opposite is not true. It can also buy food, medicine, shelter, car, and other necessary things. Can love buy those things? Definitely not! So practically speaking, money is superior than love in many things. Love can make you happy but money can make you more happier. You can live with money without love, but you can't live without money.

  • Not all you need is love

    Sure, love is all nice and what we strive for, but at the end of the day you can't eat it and it won't pay your bills. Of course, for a member of a western society who has enough money to possess a computer and post on, love may be most important, but if you imagine living in a country so poor, that you can't be sure to be able to buy enough food this month to not starve, finding a husband or wife won't score highest on your priority list. Except maybe finding a rich one...

    So love is more important than money, but only if you have enough of the latter. Generally though, money is most important.

  • Guess who you say successful person, definitely earning Money is success, ??????

    True world Practical World

    With Love anything With Money anything

    With Money : Basic needs, Education, Children care, Medical care.
    With Love: If all the above are sufficient , they are in love.

    Even people say to get well wish from GOD, U have to spent for money , all we know that everything runs by MONEY, Everything spends with LOVE .

  • Of course it is

    Money has always been more important than love. You can run out of money, but not love -- that's why it's more important. Money hasn't been around since the start, but the concept of economy was created for a good cause; without money, the whole world would not have a trade system.

  • We need money to live, not love

    We can buy things with money, which means that money brings us happiness. We need money to buy food for our daily life. Life has changed, all things need money. Love can't buy things. If there is another statement that money can't buy love, it's wrong. Money DOES buy love, although not true love. Love is not eternal, people's feelings always change, and not same with the first time. Another one is that, most of the divorce issues cause by economy problem: money. They got separated because the lack of money. So why at the first time they want to get married? They loved each other. Other cause is also when they are no longer loving each other, so they decided to divorce. It means that love changes, it is not eternal. Loving a person is not same as loving our parents, brother, or sister. Loving our family is eternal.

    Two people who don't love each other, they will live happily if they have plenty of money. Another one is that to think logically, if we are the parents, will we agree if our daughter marries a poor man whom our daughter loves, or a wealthy man who loves our daughter? It must be the wealthy man. All parents want the best for their children. Love can be binded up when two people get married, but money can't. Although miney can come and go, it is forever ours if we have. But how about love? It does not.

  • Money over anything!

    When has love ever been more important than money? NEVER. This world is cruel. It's no fairy-tail like in the books. It's time to put the books away, and grow up. Everyone needs to be independent! Don't get me wrong, it's great if you find your true love. Even if you do find your one true love, you need to be able to support yourself. You need money to support yourself, therefore money is more important.

  • World is in your hand

    We can see today materialist world,everyone runs after money man,they love them and respect them,so if you live this modern world you must respect money and making money rather than find true love,f u r poor people get bored with u even they dont want to spend time,i m s

  • Definitely,no no no.

    Cooomee on!! We are in real life. You can just live for two months with love.Think easy!! For example,you marry your girlfriend or boyfriend whaever.You walk with your children and he see a very expensive toy but you can not take it because you have not enough money.What will you say ?? ''Oooh honey,I can not buy this because We have not enough money for this but we have a love :s REALLY?? Your child does not care your love -.- BE REAL !!! Can you fill with love? Of course NO! -.- Love is temporary,baby

  • Love is more important than money.

    Money and love are always be the issue in today's era of materialism . Money and love are also need for people to survive . In my opinions , I strongly disagree that love is more important than money as without money ,our life can become very difficult .In this essay ,I will discuss why money is more important than love and elaborate on the influences of money to individuals ,society and the country.

    First and foremost, most individual is lured by money in this day regardless what races and what religions is. This is because money is necessary to survive as nothing is free in this world. Moreover, people now are struggling to earn money in order to afford the branded goods because of theirs materialistic mindset. For example, people spent their hard-earned money on materials objects to satisfy their vanity such as, genuine LV ,furniture, laptop, vehicles , and also many other things. Therefore, while individual become more focused on their pursuit of materials and their improving standard of living, they will consider money is more worth than love.

    Secondly, poorness will cause one's pride be compressed by others. This is because a poor man will always looked down by the people around them. In the reality, the difference between commoner and aristocrat can be clearly discerned. For example, if a poor man is dating with a rich women, he may be looked down by the female's family members because of his poorness. This will thus destroy their relationship. Thus, it is clear that money is vital to show one's status. To get a happiness life, money is always the premise, as without money our life will become formidable.

    Last but not the least, a prosper country cannot comes forth without usage of money. This is due to the fact that money is essential for building constructions, preparing infrastructures and other facilities to raise up the standard of people's life. Furthermore, a modern country normally exist the people...

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