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Sikkim Manipal University - MBA - MB0050 – Research Methodology

Semester: 3 - Assignment Set: 1

familiarity with the problem or to make a precise formulation of the problem or to gatherinformation for clarifying concepts or to determine whether it is feasible to attempt thestudy. Katz conceptualizes two levels of exploratory studies. “At the first level is thediscovery of the significant variable in the situations; at the second, the discovery of relationships between variables.” 


Independent and dependent and extraneous variables in a research design:

The research designer understandably cannot hold all his decisions in his head. Even if hecould, he would have difficulty in understanding how these are inter-related. Therefore, herecords his decisions on paper or record disc by using relevant symbols or concepts. Such asymbolic construction may be called the research design or model. A research design is alogical and systematic plan prepared for directing a research study.

Dependent and Independent variables:

A magnitude that varies is known as a variable. The concept may assume differentquantitative values, like height, weight, income, etc. Qualitative variables are notquantifiable in the strictest sense of objectivity. However, the qualitative phenomena mayalso be quantified in terms of the presence or absence of the attribute considered.Phenomena that assume different values quantitatively even in decimal points are knownas „continuous variables. But, all variables need not be continuous. Values that can be

expressed only in integer values are called „non-continuous variables. In statistical term,

they are also known as „discrete variable. For example, age is a continuous variable;

whereas the number of children is a non-continuous variable. When changes in onevariable depends upon the changes in one or more other variables, it is known as adependent or endogenous variable, and the variables that cause the changes in thedependent variable are known as the independent or explanatory or exogenous variables.For example, if demand depends upon price, then demand is a dependent variable, whileprice is the independent variable.And if, more variables determine demand, like income and prices of substitute commodity,then demand also depends upon them in addition to the own price. Then, demand is adependent variable which is determined by the independent variables like own price,income and price of substitute.

Extraneous variable:

The independent variables which are not directly related to the purpose of the study butaffect the dependent variable are known as extraneous variables. For instance, assumethat a researcher wants to test the hypothesis that there is relationship between children’sschool performance and their self-concepts, in which case the latter is an independentvariable and the former, the dependent variable. In this context, intelligence may alsoinfluence the school performance. However, since it is not directly related to the purpose of the study undertaken by the researcher, it would be known as an extraneous variable. Theinfluence caused by the extraneous variable on the dependent variable is technically calledas an „experimental error. Therefore, a research study should always be framed in such a

manner that the dependent variable completely influences the change in the independentvariable and any other extraneous variable or variables.

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SUBJECT CODE & NAMEMB0050- Research Methodology
BK IDB1700
CREDIT & MARKS4 Credits, 60 marks

Note – Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.



Q.NoQuestionsMarksTotal Marks
1What do you mean by Focus Group Discussion? Explain the key elements of a focus group.
Explanation of Focus group discussion3
Key elements710

Discuss the concepts involved in Testing of Hypothesis. Also discuss the steps involved in testing the hypothesis.

Concepts in testing the hypothesis3
Steps involved in testing the hypothesis710

What do you mean by Exploratory research design? Explain the types of exploratory research design.

Definition of Exploratory design2
Types of exploratory design810




Explain the Structure of the Research Report. What are the guidelines for effective report writing?

Explanation of the Structure of the Research5
Report Guidelines for effective report writing510
5Explain the any three types of comparative and non-comparative scales of each in detail.
Definition of Comparative scales1
Definition of non-comparative scales1
Types of comparative scales4
Types of Non- comparative scales410

What do you mean by Research Problem? Explain the steps involved in research problem identification process.

Definition of Research Problem2
Research problem Identification process.810






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