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Oklahoma City Thunder fans probably don't want to read a single word from Kevin Durant's letter where he announced he will be signing with the Golden State Warriors, but how could they not want to hear it read to them from the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman? According to Frank Caliendo, many people were requesting that the comedian break out his Freeman impression to read Durant's piece from The Players' Tribune. So, ask and you shall receive. 

Of course, Caliendo absolutely nails it! The comedian hits the most important moments, like the parts where Durant talks about finding an opportunity in Golden State that will help him evolve into a man and how OKC was the place that truly raised him. For the comedian, reading letters in Freeman's voice is nothing new. Remember his appearance on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning where he recited Alex Rodriguez's apology letter in the actor's voice, as well as Jon Gruden and Chris Berman? Or how about the time he read LeBron James's "I'm Coming Home" letter in Morgan's legendary voice? 

Simply put, when Caliendo channels Freeman's voice for pretty much anything, he doesn't miss. For Durant's letter, Frank knocks it out of the park again, and kinda, sorta makes you understand and sympathize with KD's decision to leave the Thunder and take his talents over to the Warriors. Oh wait, is that just us? Well, alright then, forget we ever said that. 

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