Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman Essay

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As human beings, we all need that support, care, love and encourages (etc) from others, whether it is from family members, friends, colleagues or strangers. Male no exceptional, especially successful men, a lot of time, he got those positive feeling, positive support, positive attitude and positive motivation from his wife or soul mate, or from his mother – they play an essential role in helping their men to walk up the hard stairs of the ladder of success with ease and smoothness.

Why women? according to the study, women can do so much and they can bring the best out of their men more than they think. It is world-wide accepted that a beautiful woman always care about her man and work hard towards his success. The beautiful here I mean is not about hot and sexy but about her wise and loving character, it’s about her inner beauty, which is the actually support for her man to keep working and trying hard to make success. The wise woman always encourages her man to be confident to succeed in this world.

For some men, the quote “behind every successful man, there is a female” is quite difficult to digest but it is true.

Check out what our Facebook friends say, they have interesting opinions towards the subject:

Ta – because we are a great supporter, women are always great.

Zohair – there is always a women behind every successful wealthy rich man, they don’t follow unsuccessful men.

Renaldi – it works both ways, but men like to praise women more, as honouring her support and encouragement for his endeavour.

Wasi – because women are at back so man have to run so she can’t get to him, in running he meet the success i mean getting himself saved from her.

Muhammad – in rare cases women are cause of men’s success but most of its determination and hard-working is behind men’s success.

Hussain – some times they join the successful man, some times they make the successful man.

Muhammad Aslam Khan – thing that matters is the inspiration which a man draws from the patronage of a woman in any role to carry out his goals.

Adil – it is not always the true there are many successful men in this world who live alone and are successful like Michael Jackson and more like that.

Khadija – without woman no man can lead the world, woman are the one who support the man by her unconditional love, affection and care, that’s how a man become a superman.

Farrukh – I think slightly different, actually behind every successful men there is a motivational factor that derives, so in past when ever this Idiom created, the time was more male dominated, and for men past or present, naturally women is the most motivational factor, and so they used women beside any other word and so on, we are using this dogma or the axiom as the final statement … Believe now the culture has been change, success is not only associated with men but the women too, so can we use behind every successful women there is a men 🙂

Yasir – there a more than one woman behind every unsuccessful man

Like this:

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Today’s quote from ‘Quote And Grow Rich’ – will make many women happy.

Many of us men will need to wake up, smell the roses and appreciate the woman in our lives and then buy her roses, or send her a gift of love.

There have been many variations to this quote overtime.

“Behind Every Success Man Is A Great Woman”

Ken Bossone contributed his version which is;

A great man without a great woman behind him is like a library without books.”

My version is – “Show Me A very Successful Man And I Will Easily Point Out The Woman Responsible For His Success”

Whatever your take is on such a true and powerful quote, it is without doubt – factual and something I think many of us mere men, don’t give enough credit to.

I can speak from personal experience how someones negative influence can weight you down so heavily you and make you feel like you are an anchor dragging across the ocean floor – leaving you drowning emotionally and in many other ways.

On the positive side, I dispel negative thoughts as easy as flicking off a light switch now.

My gorgeous lady, Janelle, without her realizing it, has had such a dramatic effect on my life since we met and the changes are mind blowing.

To have purpose, love, trust, support for one another and to acknowledge that even as a couple, we still need to date and do all of the things we did when we first met in those early passionate and wildly romantic days should never, never never stop, otherwise your relationship will die a slow, painful death.

As I contemplate being nailed to the wall by a madwoman with a nail gun in one hand and an axe in the other, which equates to divorce in case you hadn’t worked that one out – I can see already what my future is.

The happiness, the financial rewards, the lifestyle and all of the other success that my lovely lady, our ‘Aussie Brady Bunch’ of 6 children (yes, 3 boys and 3 girls – 12, 12, 10, 7, 6 and 5) and I desire, deserve and will have, comes from definite of purpose, auto-suggestion and the unquestionable love and support from one woman.

I remember reading in ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill along time ago and then again when I was a single man,
about the importance of a great woman of my life.

It said to write down every single quality, feature, a description of how such a lady would look as though I was creating my idea partner, lover and soul mate.

I began to write everthing down. As I did, I visualized her beauty, her smile, her star qualities, imagined what it would be like to have such a woman in my life to share my dreams, love and laughter with.

I can tell you, this was long, long before I met my soul mate Janelle.

As you read this, take the time to reflect on such an influencial person in your life. In today’s society, it could be a man behind a successful man or a woman behind a suc~cessful woman. It doesn’t rally matter.

I recommend you go and grab a notepad, a pen and do what I did and write down everything you want or have in a partner and soul mate. You will thank me for it.

As you reflect, stamp todays quote in your brain forever, tell that special person in your life just how much you love them – then surprise them with a little gift, because they deserve more credit then we sometimes remember to give them.

Let your friends and business associates know you care too,


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I sent my little surprise to Janelle first thing this morning – have you?

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