Essay On George Washingtons Farewell Address

It is a well-known historical fact that George Washington, being the American President for the second time, had to solve many political conflicts, but he the same firmly adhered to the designated state policy of neutrality, which has contributed to the rise in economy and strengthened the country’s authority. Thus, Washington’s Farewell Address was a kind of opportunity to warn the nation from future mistakes. In such a way, we are going to discuss this address with all the necessary details, and to analyze its main points in the body of this project.

First of all, it is important to mention that George Washington’s Farewell Address was made in September, 1796, and it was published in press on 19 September, 1796. According to Kaufman, we see that “originally published in David Claypoole’s American Daily Advertiser on September 19, 1796 under the title “The Address of General Washington To The People of The United States on his declining of the Presidency of the United States,” the letter was almost immediately reprinted in newspapers across the country and later in a pamphlet form” (Kaufman, 1969). In such a way, it is possible to say that George Washington decided to publish his Farewell Address to the nation, when the hope that the President will run for a new, third term, was still alive in public minds. Constitutional provisions limiting the term of the presidency did not exist at that period of time, and Washington would remain the head of the U.S. government for many years. But, for a great regret, the 65-year-old president showed no desire to prolong his tenure, and health did not permit him to do so too. Thus, to warn the nation about the main problems was his first duty and to make the own Farewell Address was the best variation to solve the problem.

Summarizing Washington’s Farewell Address, we can say that Madison’s notes written in 1792 were taken for the base of the Address. Hamilton offered his help to the President in preparing the Address, and they, along with Washington, upgraded these records. Thus, as it was previously said, on September 19, 1796, all the newspapers published Washington’s Farewell Address, which very well clarified the President’s identity and his special qualities and values. It is true that Washington almost did not influence the election of a new president. And he was very happy for Vice President, who managed to resist the Jefferson, who headed the opposition. Washington was pleased to notice that the positive achievements were far greater than the negative, and he was also regretted that Congress has not responded to his appeal with a request to build a national university. In addition, the President also thanked his aides and staff, while he also expressed separate appreciation to Hamilton.

Being more specific, it is possible to note that Washington was interested in the American destiny, but he was afraid that the country would be able to change the own course; thus, he warned his people against ill-considered steps, and advised to be wary of false patriotism and suspicious foreign influence. Washington never ignored the necessity to create harmonious relations with other countries, but he said in his Farewell Address that even American trade policies should be based on principles of equality and fairness, not trying to get and providing exceptional privileges or benefits, being consistent with the natural state of things, reasonably distributing and varying trade flows, but did not impose. To add, of course, the President again emphasized on the fact that every American should be proud of the own origin because even having some differences in religious or other spheres only real Americans were fighting against wrong political regimes and won the victory combining all the efforts together. Thus, according to Washington, the destiny of the country was not only in the hands of future political leaders, but also in the hands of ordinary people, who need to make their choice in favor of one or another political leader.

Thus, taking everything into consideration, it is possible to conclude that it is impossible to overestimate the contribution of George Washington into the country’s development and well-being, while Washington’s Farewell Address became not only an end point of his career, but it also became an attempt to improve the life of all Americans in their future without Washington. Washington issued his Farewell Address to the nation for more than a half months before the date of the next election, and exactly this Address, in addition to announcing his decision to no longer qualify for the post of the President of the United States, presented his views on the future of the United American States and made ​​recommendations as to which line should follow Government in the conduct of foreign and domestic policy.

To sum up, we have discussed Washington’s Farewell Address, analyzed its main points, and explained its importance to American history.

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Washington's Farewell Address Essay

George Washington, the first president of the United States, had written a very important historical speech and document towards the end of his time in office. He had written the Farewell address which focused on helping America understand the importance of preserving unity, acknowledging the rise of political parties forming, strengthening religion and morality, and he stated his position on American foreign policy. He addressed these ideas with strong tone and used incredible amount of dictions that strengthens his tone as well as representing his appeal to ethos to a strong degree. However, today’s society seemed to forget Washington’s position on foreign policy and has created a new form of the policy. But nonetheless as time grew, change occurs. In today’s society Washington’s foreign policy would include many positive and negative manifestations, but it is still a speech and document that will always apply to America. One main focus of Washington’s farewell address was to alert the citizens of the U.S. that America should not get involved in foreign relations, especially with the flare between the French and the British. He wanted America to stay neutral in foreign matters and not hold long term alliances with other nations. He stated “Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation.” He included how it is unwise for America to implicate itself with artificial ties. Washington believed that if America did conduct with foreign nations then they would influence people as well as government to act as they wanted. In other words, Washington encouraged Americans to take advantage as a new union and avoid as much political affairs with others. Washington also concerned himself with the preservation of the Union. “Your Union ought to be considered as a main prop of your liberty, and that the love of the one ought to endear to you the preservation of the other.” He emphasized the importance of a union both as a government and as people and how liberty can be achieved through staying a union in both ways. Another focus Washington included in his farewell address was his strong support for religion and morality. Washington touched upon explaining how morality cannot be achieved without religion thus proclaiming the importance of religion. He proceeded to talk about how morality was the key to electing popular candidates running for government and if religion is not emphasized in the union, morality is hard to attain which corrupts government. Another main focus Washington promoted was how political parties should be repressed. He felt that the political parties tend to get out of hand in competing with each other and thus cause distractions in the government. The concern he showed was strongly toward the Republican-Democratic Party and the Federalist Party. Washington used many rhetorical strategies to his advantage. One common strategy Washington used in his address was his diction....

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