Hopkinton High School Twitter Assignment







February 2:           Teacher's Professional Day - NO SCHOOL!

February 5-6:        MCAS Biology Retest Administration, Grades 11 & 12

February 9:           Attention Juniors - Registration deadline for March 10 SATs

February 10:         ACT test given at local schools

February 15:         Post Secondary Planning Evening for Juniors and Their Parents, 7-9 pm, HHS Auditorium

February 19-23:    Winter Vacation - No School.  Homework free vacation!


March 5:                SATs given at local high schools

March 9:                Early Release Day

March 9:                Attention Juniors - Registration deadline for April 14th ACT exam

March 8-10:          Spring HS Drama Production of Harvey

March 15:              First College Mini-Fair at 8:30 am at HHS.  Over 70 colleges represented; open to

                              juniors and sophomores

March 16:              Freshman & Sophomore Cotillion at HHS Athlletic Center, 6:30 pm

March 22:              Second College Mini-Fair at 8:30 am at HHS; Over 70 colleges represented; open to

                               juniors and sophomores

March 22:              Eight Graders visit HHS for Scheduling Assembly, HHS Auditorium, 12:45 pm

March 22:              Eighth Grade parent Night: An Introduction to the High School, 7 pm, Athletic Center

March 23:              Early Release Day

March 27-29:        MCAS ELAtests administered to Grade 10

March 30:              Good Friday - No School!


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