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St. Mary’s is co-educational institution dedicated to developing intellectual curiosity and personal growth in each individual through a well balanced curriculum, based on a holistic approach in humanities, science and commerce. Students will be prepared for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination under the 10+2 Scheme.

Our academics programme is built around the needs of the competitive world we live in. Based on grades and school assessments , the students are provided the instruction that will help them to succeed . Our goal is to build an academic program that is both vigorous and motivating .We help students develop academic skills , content knowledge , healthy habits and sound decision making skills. In the process , we also expose them to situations which they will face in the future. We realise that we cannot be successful unless we provide a safe and positive learning environment to our students.



Important Events

From the Principal's Desk...


As a Catholic School we give a great deal of importance to the season of Lent.

We started the season by attending Mass on Ash Wednesday, which included the tradition of receiving the symbol of the ashes as a way to remind ourselves of our humility and our desire to sacrifice --  a way to show gratitude to Jesus for what he did by suffering and dying for us.

During this season, the Priests of Precious Blood Parish will provide the opportunity, during school time, for our students to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the teachers will provide special times of prayer and instruction aim at helping our youngsters understand the full meaning of Jesus' example of love and sacrifice. 

In this, and in so many other ways, we help our families to help their children to learn that we should always:



From February 22nd till March 11th, the St. Mary School Gym will be bouncing to the rhythm of this annual event.  Schools from both our own and the  Bridgeport Diocese will be coming to take part.  You can see the schedule of games and obtain further information elsewhere on this website, but let me take this opportunity to thanks the organizers, coordinators, workers and coaches who give of their time and talent to make these two weeks so special for our students, as well as for all the other students who come to play in this prestigious tournament. 

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