Research Paper On Art What Topic

A List Of Contemporary Art Research Paper Topics

An art research paper takes just as much work as any other research paper but art research papers are more emotional than other because art is something that people feel and can learn about at the same time. And that emotion comes across more in these types of research papers.

Art Research Paper Topics

The research topics that I’m going to give you are just general ones that you can use to get ideas for your topic. Take these topics and use them to narrow your topic to a specific one for your research paper.

  • Architecture:
  • Art isn’t limited to painting and sculptures, art can be seen in architecture. Look at a book that has famous architecture in it and pick out your favorite and do your art research paper on that.
  • Art History:
  • What is art history? When did art history become a class? Things like these are questions that you can answer if you pick this topic for your research paper.
  • Artists:
  • Choose your favorite artists and write a research paper on them. You can start with their early childhood and then Segway into whether or not they became known before or after their death, like most famous artists.
  • Film:
  • Film is a form of art but some don’t consider it to be one. If you choose this topic, you can pick a film and examine the art it took to make it and you can go into detail about the makeup, scenes, or even their wardrobe.
  • Music:
  • Music is a great form of art to use for your research paper. You can choose a genre, group, or a mix of the two to do your research paper on.
  • Theater or Plays:
  • Art comes in many forms and one is the kind of art that seen in plays or theater. The way the actors act, the way the stage changes in minutes, and the props and scenery that is used to bring the play alive.
  • Works Of Art:
  • Do you have a favorite piece of art, a sculpture, or even a craft that you enjoy doing? Any of these could be your topic for your art research paper. With these topics you can not only give the facts about the pieces but you can also describe why it is your favorite, how it made you feel when you first saw it, or you could go the other way and pick your least favorite as a different idea.

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The dreaded term paper has been making its way from English classes into Art classes. No one in the history of school has ever asked to write a term paper but with preparation and a good topic, you can make the research fun and get a good grade. For inspiration, here are 10 ideas you can use.

  • Topic 1: Trace the History and Cultural Significance of Tattoos.
  • In Japan restaurants and public pools have "No tattoos" signs. This topic could take years if you talk about tattoos across the world. Pick two to three countries, discuss the origin of tattoos, and compare and contrast the cultural meanings.

  • Topic 2: What is Art?
  • A Costa Rican artist created a controversial exhibit where a starving dog was chained to a wall with food just out of its reach. What is the definition of art and who defines it?

  • Topic 3: The History of Motion Pictures.
  • Do a detailed history of the creation of film. Detail how film has evolved over the decades from silent to color. How have the changes affected the medium?

  • Topic 4: A Critique of the Architecture of Sir Christopher Wren
  • Sir Wren's architectural style is as influential in 2015 as it was in the 18th Century. Analyze several famous buildings that contain elements of his groundbreaking style.

  • Topic 5: Feminist Art: Is it really Art?
  • First define what feminism is. Then define what art is. Using relevant examples from feminist literature and art pieces, argue for or against the legitimacy of feminist art.

  • Topic 6: Mental Illness and Creativity:
  • Is there a link between mental illness and artistic genius? Use the biographies of several artists to prove your point.

  • Topic 7: Is Art Therapy Effective?
  • Define art therapy. Use case studies and medical records to prove if it works or not.

  • Topic 8: A History of Film Censorship
  • Why does it occur? How do filmmakers react to it? Is it ever effective?

  • Topic 9: Art and Social Commentary
  • How have artists used their talent to display and take stances on hot button issues? Provide any historical context.

  • Topic 10: Music and Health.
  • Does music have any positive or negative effect on our physical or mental health? Why and how?

    Use one of our topics directly for your art term paper or combine two or more to make an original idea. Happy writing!

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