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My media literacy has changed dramatically after I have taken this class. I have become very knowledgeable about all parts of the media and how each part works. Before the class I would find myself questioning the media and how it all made sense, but now that I have been exposed to it and learned in depth about media literacy it is much easier to understand and comprehend. When I took the first media literacy quiz I remember reading the questions and not knowing what it was talking about or what they were asking of me, I remember I even left quite a few of the questions blank. Then when I took it again this last time, I could read the questions and remember we talked about each of the topics on the quiz in class. Of the four “knowledge structures” in the cognitive model of media literacy, media effects are the strongest knowledge structure for me. This is because I notice this effect for myself all the time. When we talked about it in class, I could immediately relate to what Dr. Aubrey was teaching. Media effects refers to a variety of ways that the mass media influence, affect, and change the way the audience thinks, feels, and behaves. Dr. Aubrey gave an example of when she watched a scary movie at the theatre and she left with sweaty palms, a fast heartbeat, and thinking that the real world was like that of the movie. I always think that after I leave a movie, or if I’m binge viewing a new TV series. I also liked how we learned how media effects


Mahadeo SinghFIQWS 10105Professor Lis von UhlSeptember 12 201!Litera"# $arrative% Self &efle"tion'ompleting the litera"# narrative a""omplished some of m# goals as a (riter) *here are spe"ial details that I too+ into "onsideration (hen (riting this narrative) For e,ample I (anted the reader to get a sense of (hat (as going on aro-nd me in the environment) In doing so I in"orporated the five senses thro-gh the narrative) It (as e,tremel# important for me to grasp thea-dien"e.s attention b# asserting m# tone in a dignified #et -nderstandable (a#) M# goal is to ma+e the a-dien"e or reader feel li+e the# -nderstood (hat the# (ere reading) /# in"orporating imager# thro-gh the -se of des"riptions as (ell as literar# te"hni-es it has f-ndamentall# reinvented the (a# I (anted the narrative to "omm-ni"ate m# stan"e) Motivation is the +e# to m# s-""ess in this litera"# narrative) When (riting the draft I (anted this paper to be different from the h-ndreds of (ritten papers I have "ompleted in m# ed-"ation "areer) I -sed (hat I learned in "lass to b-ild m# paper) 'ompared to other essa#s I have (ritten in the past this one motivated me be"a-se it (as abo-t me) *he memor# (as vivid in m# mind) It (as eas# for me to des"ribe m# emotions thro-gh the -se of literar# te"hni-es and elements) *he primar# o-t"ome of m# essa# had m-"h to do (ith -sing spe"ifi" literar# elements and +no(ing the message I (anted to portra# in m# paper) For e,ample -sing imager# helped not onl# me b-t the a-dien"e or reader to -nderstand m# sit-ation in the stor#) I believe I -sed as-ffi"ient amo-nt of imager# and des"riptions of m# emotions and feelings thro-gho-t the stor#)

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