Mednet Research Paper

Accessing and Using MedNet Intranet

You will submit your proposal electronically using the CoM MedNet Intranet. There is no paper version of the application.

Below are a few helpful hints when accessing and working in MedNet:

*Detailed technical assistance for RAC MedNet [pdf]:

  • Windows operating systems are preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. You can also use Firefox or Safari, but the MedNet content may look different than when using Explorer.
  • When logging into MedNet from a remote location, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter your CoM username preceded by “med \”,e.g., med\john.doe, then enter your password. More information


  • If you are accessing MedNet with an iPad, type in the URL, rather than trying to access MedNet through the “My Resources” link on the College of Medicine’s home page. 
  • Do not try to access or fill out forms on smartphones, as MedNet was not designed to be used with smartphone formats.  
  • For more information or assistance using MedNet, contact:
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